Arctic PRIZE

Arctic Productivity in the Seasonal Ice Zone – Arctic PRIZE

Arctic PRIZE is an international, multi-institute project that will investigate the seasonally and spatially varying relationship between sea ice, light, nutrients and productivity and the roles they play in structuring Arctic pelagic zooplankton and benthic megafauna communities. PRIZE will focus on the seasonal ice zone (SIZ) of the Barents Sea – a highly productive region that is undergoing considerable change in its sea ice distribution. We will be targeting the critically important but under-sampled seasonal transition from winter into the post-bloom summer period.  We will be using ships, moorings, robotics and seals to make our measurements. These will be used to develop the predictive tools necessary to assess how the Arctic ecosystems will respond to a reducing sea ice cover. The project is embedded within international Arctic networks based in Norway and Canada and coordinated with ongoing US projects in the Pacific Arctic. Through these international research networks Arctic PRIZE strives for a legacy of cooperation far beyond the lifetime of the project.