David Spray

PhD student, University of Strathclyde

Project: Modelling the Dynamics of Calanoid Copepods in a Changing Arctic

Supervisors:  Dr Douglas Speirs (University of Strathclyde) and Professor Mike Heath (University of Strathclyde)

My PhD project involves adapting and expanding the existing StrathCal spatial population model of Calanus finmarchicus to two Arctic endemic congeners C. hyperboreus and C. glacialis. This modelling work will focus on re-parameterising the StrathCal model for these species, and using climate-change scenarios from physical-biogeochemical models in order to predict climate-driven changes in geographic range of these species, and complete the picture of the lipid pump and carbon sequestration to the deep ocean at the Atlantic/Arctic interface.

The project will deliver two parameterised StrathCal models for the endemic Arctic Calanus species. The models will quantify:

  1. the geographic shift in these species under climate change scenarios,
  2. changes in the contribution by these species to deep water carbon sequestration,
  3. the role of sea-ice retreat, and changing surface and deep water circulation and temperature.

I am a PhD student in the DIAPOD project.