Potential benefits and risks of borealisation for fish stocks and ecosystems in a changing Arctic Ocean

Lead Investigators

  • Professor Nicholas Polunin

    Co-lead investigator, Newcastle University

    I am primarily a macro-ecologist interested in large-scale patterns of marine benthic community structure and drivers of these, especially those of food webs as revealed by stable isotope data. My recent work includes a wide range of locations including the Southern Ocean, North Sea and Indian Ocean, and this has long had strong links with policy and with other disciplines including the social sciences. I am the co-lead investigator of the Coldfish project.

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  • Dr Hauke Flores

    Co-lead investigator, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)

    Dr Hauke Flores is a sea ice ecologist and group leader at AWI. He has been working as a scientist on sea ice-influenced ecosystems in the Polar Oceans since 2009. Hauke is co-lead investigator of the Coldfish project. In the project, he supervises junior team members,  coordinates the exchange of project results between UK and German partners, and facilitates exchange with other projects at AWI, especially regarding MOSAiC, ensuring that project results are made available to decision makers.

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