Linking Oceanography and Multi-specific, spatially-Variable Interactions of seabirds and their prey in the Arctic

Lead Investigators

  • Dr Norman Ratcliffe

    Co-lead investigator, British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

    Norman Ratcliffe is a seabird ecologist working at British Antarctic Survey. His main research interests are in the foraging ecology and movements of seabirds in relation to environmental and biotic variables, and their repercussions upon individual fitness and population processes. He is the co-lead investigator of Project LOMVIA, and his roles include management of the project’s science, budget and staff, coordination of partner organisations, leading fieldwork and directing the impact plan.

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  • Dr Thomas Larsen

    Co-lead investigator, Max Planck Institute

    Dr Thomas Larsen obtained his MSc in zoology from Aarhus University and PhD in isotope ecology from University of Copenhagen. His research focuses broadly on how nutritional relationships between consumers and resources affect ecosystem functioning, and how anthropogenic activities affect food webs. In the LOMVIA project, Larsen will apply his expertise with isotopes and complex dietary modelling to characterize the prey of boreal and arctic guillemots across time and space.

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