Microbes to Megafauna Modelling of Arctic Seas

Lead Investigators

  • Professor Mike Heath

    Co-lead investigator, University of Strathclyde

    My current research interests are the mathematical and statistical modelling of fish populations and fisheries, and the dynamics of ecosystems. I am co-lead investigator of the MiMeMo project, and a co-investigator on the DIAPOD project.

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  • Dr Ute Daewel

    Co-lead investigator, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research

    My main research interests are focused on investigating biological-physical interactions effecting different trophic levels of the ecosystem by developing and utilizing relevant coupled model systems. One major purpose of my recent research is to overcome the limitations of lower-trophic-level models for simulating and understanding changes in the marine food web and higher trophic level production by developing the consistently formulated E2E model framework ECOSMO E2EI am a co-lead investigator in the MiMeMo project.

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