Pathways and emissions of climate-relevant trace gases in a changing Arctic Ocean

Lead Investigators

  • Dr Andrew Rees

    Co-lead investigator, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

    Andy Rees is a  senior biogeochemist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and, with Hermann Bange, is the lead investigator of the PETRA project. My research interests revolve around the biological cycling of nutrients and the flux of greenhouse gases in estuarine, coastal and oceanic waters. I use state of the art analytical instrumentation and procedures to investigate the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on biogeochemical cycles and on the exchange of trace gases between water and atmosphere.

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  • Professor Dr Hermann Bange

    Co-lead investigator, GEOMAR

    Hermann Bange leads the Trace Gas Biogeochemistry group at the GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany, and is a co-lead investigator in the PETRA project. Within PETRA, Hermann coordinates the contribution of GEOMAR which include measurements of DMS/P/O and CO as well the participation of PETRA in the R/V Polarstern cruise PS114 to the Fram Strait in July/August 2018.

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