Funding Calls

These documents outline the two separate funding calls for scientific proposals.

First Announcement of Opportunity (26 October 2015)

The first announcement of opportunity for the Changing Arctic Ocean Programme was made on 26 October 2015. This first round of funding was a two-stage process, with an invitation for researchers to prepare and submit an outline proposal by 8 December 2015, followed by submission of the full proposal by 17 March 2016 after successful evaluation of the outline proposal by a panel of international experts. The panel was chaired by Professor David Thomas, Bangor University, who also leads the Programme Advisory Group. This round resulted in four projects being funded at ~£2.1 to £2.5 million each, with the projects starting in February 2017.

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Second Announcement of Opportunity (16 May 2017)

A second round of funding for the NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Programme was announced on 16 May 2017, with a deadline of 14 September 2017 for receipt of proposals. The projects in this round are jointly funded by NERC and the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (the Federal Ministry of Education and Research). This announcement resulted in the funding of 12 proposals that joined the CAO programme in summer 2018.

To guide the preparation of proposals for the second announcement of opportunity, each of the four projects funded in the first round prepared two-page summaries of their main objectives. The projects in the second round have synergies with and fill knowledge gaps between these first round projects.

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The two page summaries can be viewed using the links below: