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Environmental change in the Arctic Ocean is receiving increasing attention in the news, and this is reflected by the media coverage the Changing Arctic Ocean Programme receives. Press releases are also published by the CAO Programme on a regular basis to highlight key events and important science emerging from the CAO Programme.
  • CAO End of Programme Event

    The Changing Arctic Ocean End of Programme events will take place on 30th November and 2nd December 2021. This will allow the opportunity for all projects involved in the Changing Arctic Ocean Programme to present on their findings. Online Changing Arctic Ocean Science conference – Tuesday 30th November: Venue: Online… Read more

    10 November 2021
  • NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Programme at COP26

    The event will be at 1430 on Monday 1 November in the Cryosphere Pavilion, Blue Zone SEC Glasgow. It will be livestreamed and will be available through the following routes and also afterwards as a cached recording: Led by Prof David Thomas, with Karley Campbell and… Read more

    01 November 2021
  • If Oceans Could Speak

    We are delighted to reveal that a new polar podcast – If Oceans Could Speak – will be launching soon, featuring Dr Jen Freer from the Changing Arctic Ocean Programme DIAPOD project. This podcast listens to stories from people who have shared their life with the sea around them, and… Read more

    30 September 2021
  • New study uncovers hidden behaviour of the Arctic Ocean’s currents that could alter future climate change predictions

    Press release of 18th August 2021 from National Oceanography Centre A new study has discovered that the Transpolar Drift, a strong surface current in the Arctic Ocean, is more variable than was previously known. With the Arctic currently changing at unprecedented rates, this discovery could impact future predictions for climate… Read more

    19 August 2021
  • New study shows a 50% decline in Krill abundance in the North Atlantic

    Press release of 1st June 2021 from University of Plymouth A team of UK and French scientists have shown a huge decline in North Atlantic krill over the last 60 years driven primarily by climate variability and North Atlantic warming. Krill, are extremely abundant crustaceans present throughout the world’s oceans.… Read more

    07 June 2021
  • Paradise lost? The changing Arctic Ocean

    The Arctic Ocean region is changing faster than anywhere else on the planet. Read more

    12 October 2020
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