CAO 2018 Cruises (JR17005, JR17006, JR17007)

  • Sian Henley, ChAOS and Arctic PRIZE
  • Sian Henley, ChAOS and Arctic PRIZE
  • Emily Venables, Arctic PRIZE

In 2018, three month-long cruises will visit different parts of the Arctic to collect samples. The investigators will once again be on-board the RRS James Clark Ross.

The first cruise in May 2018 (JR17005), led by Prof David Pond (DIAPOD), will cross the Fram Strait region, from the west coast of Svalbard to the east coast of Greenland (Fig. 1). The cruise will also collect samples for the ARISE project.

Figure 1: The two main sampling areas to be visited by the DIAPOD cruise in May 2018.

The second cruise (JR17006) will be led by Prof Finlo Cottier (Arctic PRIZE). The sampling locations will depend very much on where the ice edge is located during June 2018.

The final cruise of 2018 (JR17007) takes place in July. This will be led by Dr Christian MärzChAOS project. The cruise will revisit the areas in the Barents Sea that they covered during the CAO 2017 cruise (Fig. 2).

Figure 2: Planned sampling areas for the ChAOS cruise in July 2018.