The contact information page provides details for various types of enquiry: general, scientific, requests for data, enquiries from the Press.
School visits are part of the Programme’s planned outreach activities, and those schools who would like to invite a scientist to give a talk are welcome to contact us.
Specific contact information about each of the UK research institutions can also be found here.

General Enquiries and Programme Coordination

The coordination of the CAO Programme is based at the University of Edinburgh.
General enquiries about the programme can be addressed to Dr Kirsty Crocket, Science Coordinator.

The Science

For further information about the science of individual projects, please contact the Lead Investigators directly.


All data generated by investigators in the CAO Programme is stored in a central repository.

The primary data centre for the Programme is the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC). The BODC is supported by the Polar Data Centre (PDC). The contacts at both these data centres are Robyn Owen (BODC) and Katy Buckland (PDC).

Data generated by CAO investigators based at German institutions will be deposited in the Pangaea Data Repository.

Please contact Robyn Owen with any data management requests in the first instance.


The scientists and support staff in the CAO Programme frequently visit schools to talk about the Arctic, the science they carry out both in the Arctic and the laboratory, and living and working on-board research vessels in one of the world’s most challenging environments. If you are interested in hosting a scientist at your school to give a talk or demonstration, please contact Dr Kirsty Crocket, Science Coordinator. We try our best to accommodate the requests we receive for school talks.

For more information about requesting a school talk or about any of our education resources please email Dr Kirsty Crocket, Science Coordinator.