Calendar of events

  • Dr Pennie Lindeque, DIAPOD
  • Dr Pennie Lindeque, DIAPOD
  • Dr Pennie Lindeque, DIAPOD

Confirmed public events are listed here chronologically. They include exhibitions at Museums, public talks and events aimed at students and school pupils.

July 2018


Wed 25 July, Concord College, Shropshire

Dr Kate Hendry takes part as a world-class subject specialist in the “University Preparation (Natural Sciences)” summer school at Concord College in Shropshire. This course is designed to support students in their applications to top universities in the UK or elsewhere.

Details about the programme on the Concord College website here.

March 2018


Monday 12 March, Mayfield Primary School, Cambridge

Dr Anna Belcher visits Mayfield Primary School to show the children how polar animals keep warm, with some hands on experience using the “blubber glove” experiment. Anna will also give a show and tell using photos from her field work in the polar regions. She will describe her experience of living and working on a research ship for several weeks in the open ocean.


Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road, Bristol BS3 1TF

Dr Kate Hendry takes part in a Science Café at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory. More details to follow.

February 2018


Wed 28 February, 11:00-16:00 at the Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW

Dr Kate Hendry speaks at the “Chemistry in Action” programme, one of The Training Partnership events aimed at providing students with motivational talks in a broad range of subjects. This event is aimed at KS5 students. Kate’s talk is on “The Periodic Table of the Oceans”:

For life to thrive in the oceans it needs elements from across the periodic table, from phosphorous to silicon, iron to zinc. Join Kate as she uncovers the essential building blocks of everything in the sea… even the polar bears.

Full details and booking on The Training Partnership page here.