CAO 2019 Cruises (JR18006, JR18007)

The last cruises of the Changing Arctic Ocean programme take place in summer 2019. Two month-long cruises will visit different parts of the Arctic Ocean to collect samples. The investigators will once again be on-board the RRS James Clark Ross.

Cruise JR18006

The first cruise of 2019 (JR18006) takes place in July. This will be led by Dr David BarnesChAOS project. The cruise will revisit the areas in the Barents Sea that the ChAOS project covered during the CAO 2017 and 2018 cruises (Fig. 1).

Read the JR18006 Cruise Report here (download from the BODC website).

Figure 1: Planned sampling areas for the ChAOS cruise in July 2019.

Cruise JR18007

The second cruise of 2019 (JR18007) takes place in August. Professor David Pond, DIAPOD project, leads this cruise. It will cross the Fram Strait region from the West Coast of Svalbard to the East Coast of Greenland (Fig. 2). The cruise plans to revisit the same sampling stations from 2018 (JR17005).

Figure 2: The two main sampling areas to be visited by the DIAPOD cruise in August 2019.