Programme Resources

Promotional material describing the projects and the science in the CAO Programme to a non-specialist audience.


January 2019

Two sided flier with brief details about the CAO programme.

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August 2018

A4 leaflet outlining the background and aims of the CAO programme, and introducing the 16 projects.

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June 2018: Changing Arctic Ocean

These powerpoint slides provide an overview of the programme as 12 new projects are about to be launched in July 2018. This talk was presented by Kirsty Crocket at the Polar2018 conference.

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January 2018: Changing Arctic Ocean

These powerpoint slides provide an overview of the programme, and the four large projects that started in February 2017.

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March 2018: Polar Marine Science at Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde is involved in two of the programme’s large projects (Arctic PRIZE and DIAPOD). The document “Polar Marine Science at Strathclyde” describes the work investigators at the University of Strathclyde are carrying out in the CAO Programme.

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March 2018: Changing Arctic Ocean

This poster provides an overview of the programme’s aims and research challenges, as well as brief descriptions of the four large projects. It was presented by Kirsty Crocket, Science Coordinator, at the Geochemistry Group Research in Progress Meeting at the University of St Andrews in March 2018.

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