Dr Jasmin Godbold

Co-investigator, University of Southampton

The aim of my research is to understand how marine communities interact with the environment and affect community dynamics and ecosystem properties in natural and disturbed benthic ecosystems.

A key focus is to incorporate environmental complexity, disturbance, and climate change and ocean acidification into laboratory and in-situ model systems in order to develop a mechanistic understanding of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in natural ecosystems.

A growing area of interest is the linkage between biodiversity, the environment and ecosystem services with respect to socio-economic benefits, management and policy decisions.

My work involves the handling, manipulation and analysis of large and complex datasets, large scale mesocosm experiments, in situ manipulative experiments, as well as the development of statistical approaches (including GAM and mixed modelling) and the use of in situ observation technology, to examine natural communities.

I am a co-investigator in the ChAOS project.