Dr Kate Hendry

Co-investigator, University of Bristol

Kate Hendry is a biogeochemist and chemical oceanographer at the University of Bristol, interested in understanding nutrient cycling in the modern ocean, and the link between past climatic change, ocean circulation, nutrient supply and biological productivity.

She did her PhD at Oxford University, working on trace metal cycling in coastal Antarctic waters and was then awarded a Doherty Scholarship to work at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Throughout the last few years, she has worked on the stable isotopes of silicon in seawater and biogenic opal, a substance produced by some kinds of algae (diatoms), some protists (radiolarians, for example) and deep-sea sponges.

She currently has a number of projects working on silicon isotope biogeochemistry, and will be working on silica cycling during the ChAOS project.

Kate has been on many field expeditions, migrating further north every time, with trips (in order) to the Southern Ocean, the Equatorial Atlantic, and the Labrador Sea.

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