Dr Roxana Sühring

Affiliated Co-Investigator, Ryerson University, Canada

I am an environmental chemist and policy advisor regarding offshore chemicals and organic contaminants in the aquatic environment. My research focus is the development of novel analytical and model techniques to evaluate the fate and behaviour of emerging organic contaminants in the marine environment as well as their potential for long-range transport into the Arctic.

I am currently working with academia and international regulatory agencies on a project aiming to develop standard methods for the assessment of bioaccumulation of natural complex mixtures. Previously, I have been the policy advisor to the Netherland’s delegation for the OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee (OIC) and advisor for the UK Ministry of Defence regarding  potentially polluting ship-wrecks.

In EISPAC, I am a work package lead for the Work Package 4 “Understanding the impact of multiple stressors and the repercussion for ecosystem services.” My focus in WP4 is on the regulatory assessment of the results from WP 1-3.

EISPAC is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and by NERC.