Dr Ruth Airs

Co-investigator, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)

Dr Ruth Airs is a Senior Analytical Chemist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).

Her research is focussed around developing and using improved detection and characterisation of biogeochemically relevant compounds including nitrogenous osmolytes, antioxidants, UV protectants, and chlorophylls.

Ruth is recognised internationally for her work on characterisation of photosynthetic pigments and their alteration products in sediments and photosynthetic bacteria and was part of the working group that updated the widely acclaimed pigment book Phytoplankton Pigments in Oceanography.

Since 2012, Ruth has taken over management and quality assurance responsibility for routine phytoplankton pigments analysis at PML and achieved excellent results for accuracy and precision in an international intercomparison exercise.

Ruth is a co-investigator in the ChAOS project.