Euan McRae

PhD student, University of Strathclyde

Project: Trait-based modelling of large crustacean zooplankton of the Arctic and Antarctic

Supervisors: Dr Neil Banas (University of Strathclyde), Professor Geraint Tarling (British Antarctic Survey), Dr Douglas Speirs (University of Strathclyde), Dr Eugene Murphy (British Antarctic Survey)

My Phd project is looking at adapting and expanding the existing Coltrane copepod model to resolve euphausiids and further Arctic and Antarctic copepod species by allowing a more diverse range of overwintering strategies.

Through this new model, I will be looking to address some key questions about the ecology of these species such as: Where is each life strategy viable? Which populations/regions are most sensitive to climate change? Why are the Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean so different at this trophic level?

I am a PhD student on the DIAPOD project.