Louise McNeill

Technician, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Louise McNeill BSC is a benthic research scientist working within the Marine Ecology and Biodiversity group at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

Initially commercially trained for 6 years, she has a 18 years’ experience in identifying marine and estuarine macrofauna both from the UK and European and International waters.

Whilst much of Louise’s work involves the identification of marine macrofauna, she also has extensive fieldwork experience and experience in the setup of large manipulative mesocosm experiments to assess ecological impacts of ocean acidification and elevated temperatures on the ecology, biodiversity, and ecosystem function of macrofaunal communities (IMCO2, RISCS, and UKOARP, MERP).

Projects include the collection of video data to aid SAC site selection for Natural England, a 9 year benthic time series to assess seasonal cycling and benthic patterns from various sites in the Plymouth Sound as part of the Western Channel Observatory, in addition to a large variety of commercially valuable projects.

She also has experience in exposing a variety of species to histological techniques in order to look at organism health in response to elevated CO2 at a cellular level in addition to assisting many MSc, PhD students with their projects related to benthic organisms and ecosystem functioning.

Louise is contributing to the ChAOS project.