Margot Debyser

Affiliated PhD student, University of Edinburgh

PhD project: Nutrient cycling in the Arctic Ocean

Supervisors: Raja Ganeshram, Laetitia Pichevin, Robyn Tuerena (University of Edinburgh)

I am a PhD student researching nutrient cycling in the Arctic Ocean using stable isotopes of dissolved silicon and nitrate in combination with other biogeochemical and hydrographical data. My project aims to understand the importance of silicon and nitrate cycling in fuelling primary production in the Arctic Ocean and elucidate how these are changing in response to climate and environmental changes, and how this will impact the Arctic food chain.

In contribution to the ARISE project, I took part in discrete sample collection (Fram Strait NPI cruises 2017 & 2018) as well as analysis of stable isotopes (δ¹⁵N and δ¹⁸O of nitrate, dissolved silicon).