Image of M Braender

Maria Braender

Affiliated PhD student, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Working towards a practice-based PhD at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Copenhagen; exploring and manifesting the ideas of radical environmental philosophy through multi-sensory performance (and/or installation) experiences for audiences.

The tentative title of my PhD project is: How to make the world felt: devising and performing with a more-than-human-perspective. I seek to challenge dichotomies of human/nature and self/world: to think (and attend to) that which is beyond the human.

My practice-as-research methodology has a particular focus on sonic/performance/live art investigations & out-puts through an experimental, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

Through research exchange with marine scientists at SAMS and joint field trips to Oban (UK) and Svalbard (NO), I am experimenting with new ways of creating sonically inspired performances that build upon the latest research in marine biology.