Arctic PRIZE

  • Tim Brand, Arctic PRIZE
  • Tim Brand, Arctic PRIZE
  • Prof Jorgen Berge, UiT

The key scientific outputs from the Arctic PRIZE project are of direct relevance to stakeholders with an interest in Arctic ecosystems, in particular process studies and model development. These include observational scientists, the modelling community and the Pan-Arctic community.

An important objective of Arctic PRIZE is forging lasting engagement with the international Arctic research community. Through their established links with international institutes the Arctic PRIZE investigators will ensure that the project has appropriate scientific breadth, opportunities for additional sampling, significant pan-Arctic integration and longevity beyond the funded lifetime of the project. Significantly, they will work closely with the partner institutes within the Nansen LEGACY – a leading Norwegian initiative focused on the same study area, the Barents Sea.

Arctic PRIZE is committed to the development of the next generation of Arctic researchers. A meaningful objective is to be able to provide high quality education and training through the project’s association with the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) and with the institutions of project partners. The investigators will promote participation in networks such as ARCTOS, APECS and ArcticNet and support the development of students and PDRAs with placement in international laboratories with many of the world’s leading Arctic scientists.