The aim of the PEANUTS project is to improve understanding of how changing ice and ocean conditions may drive more vertical fluxes of nitrates into the surface sunlit zone and so promote photosynthesis and primary production. The outcomes from this project will be of interest to a diverse range of stakeholders.

To ensure impact, beyond academia, we have gained the support of key strategic stakeholders, Dstl (representing the MOD and Royal Navy) and the UK Met Office through the integration of the modelling with the Arctic PRIZE project, together with the NOC Enterprise and Research Impact team, who will be involved in the entirety of the project.

Further we will exploit the charismatic nature of Polar research to engage public interest more generally through production of video documentaries, and fieldwork blogs. In particular we will target STEM awareness through the development of a ‘Polar’ school outreach programme which will take advantage of ongoing STEM initiatives at Bangor University.

Finally, we will work together with the NERC Arctic Office, and other funded Arctic Programmes, to ensure that PEANUTS impact activities are fully intergrated with those of the programme as a whole, ensuring that the programme impact is greater than the sum of the individual programme elements.