Arctic Change 2017 Conference

11-15 December 2017 at Quebec, Canada

Arctic Change 2017 brings together leading Arctic researchers, graduate students, Northern community representatives, government and industry partners and stakeholders from all fields. With over 1500 participants expected to attend, Arctic Change 2017 is one of the largest trans-sectoral international Arctic research conferences ever held in Canada.

Dr Tom Brown, investigator in three CAO projects (ARISE, Arctic PRIZE, DIAPOD), will be presenting “Quantifying sea ice carbon uptake within polar ecosystems” on Tues 12 and Wed 13 December during the poster session.

Dr Kirsty Crocket, Science Coordinator, will be presenting¬†“An overview of the new NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Programme: Implications for marine biology and biogeochemistry” on Tue 12 and Wed 13 December.

Henry Burgess, Head of the NERC Arctic Office, is chairing session INT03 ” Arctic Cooperation in Action – the UK-Canada Arctic Partnership, 2017 Bursaries Programme: Aims, Results and Next steps.”