Jens Strauss talks about methane release from thawing permafrost

8th August 2019

Dr Jens Strauss gave an television interview today with Aktuelle Stunde about the climate impacts of warming in the Arctic on permafrost.

In the interview, Jens emphasised the negative consequences for the climate of thawing permafrost. The release of greenhouse gases from the previously frozen layer contributes to further warming of the planet. Thawing permafrost also carries other threats in the shape of ancient microbes with potentially harmful consequences to animal and human health.

Based at AWI in Potsdam (Germany), Jens is one of the lead investigators of the CACOON project in the Changing Arctic Ocean. The project focuses on the release of carbon and nutrients from thawing permafrost, their transport by rivers, and their subsequent impact on the Arctic Ocean.

View the TV interview clip here.

Find out more about the CACOON project here.