As the Arctic warms, light pollution may pose a new threat to marine life

5th March 2020

The topic of the short film “Into the Dark”, produced by Mike O. Snyder, has been published in National Geographic on 5 March 2020.

The film focuses on the growing problem of light pollution in the Arctic winter, as the warming effects of climate change reduce the extent of sea ice and allow more light to enter the surface ocean.

Featured in the film is research by Prof Finlo Cottier, lead investigator of the Arctic PRIZE project, and Dr Kim Last, co-lead investigator of the CHASE project.

The cruise to the Arctic Ocean took place in January 2018, led by Jørgen Berge of the University of Tromsø. “Into the Dark” was a collaborative partnership between the University of Tromsø, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Changing Arctic Ocean programme, GoPro, Sony, Vox, and the National Geographic.

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