Life as an Arctic Scientist

Cruise JR17005 leaves for the Arctic Ocean on 9 May 2018. The scientists on-board the RRS James Clark Ross are investigating the impacts of climate change on the Arctic food web and on key species of zooplankton.

Several members of the ARISE project are sailing on cruise JR17005: Robyn Tuerena and Celeste Kellock, University of Edinburgh; Louisa Norman, Camille de la Vega and Elliott Price, University of Liverpool; Jo Hopkins, National Oceanography Centre; Emma Burns, University of Manchester.

During the cruise, they will keep a blog (Life as an Arctic Scientist) to describe the science they are doing and their experiences. They will also be answering questions about their work. If you would like to submit a question, please visit the blog!

Read the blog here

How are Arctic ecosystems changing?