Antonia Doncila

PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Project: Nitrogen cycle in the warming Arctic ocean

Supervisors: Dr Sian Henley (University of Edinburgh), Professor Raja Ganeshram (University of Edinburgh)

I am a PhD student researching nitrogen cycling in the Arctic Ocean using stable isotopes of nitrogen and oxygen (δ¹⁵N and δ¹⁸O) combined with a suit of biogeochemical and hydrographical data.

The aim of my project is to document and understand key biogeochemical and physical processes that govern N-cycling and mass balance in the Arctic Ocean and elucidate their sensitivity to ongoing climate changes.

In the ARISE project, I took part in sample collection (Fram Strait NPI cruise 2016, Ellett Line 2017-Iceland Basin, DFO Atlas project- Labrador Sea Cruise 2018) and stable isotope analyses (δ¹⁵N and δ¹⁸O of nitrate were measured using the denitrifier method combined with gas chromatography mass spectrometry). These analyses (and subsequent data corrections and interpretations) are made for samples collected from the cruises: GEOTRACES, 2016- PS94, Fram Strait NPI FS16, 2016, Ellett Line DY078 2017 and DFO AZOMP Labrador Sea 2018.

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