Dr Jennifer Freer

Postdoctoral researcher, British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

I use model-based tools to study pelagic species such as zooplankton and fish. I apply these models to understand a species’ ecology and to help predict their response to climate change.

My PhD focused on applying ecological niche models to mesopelagic lanternfish. This allowed me to map their distributions and investigate aspects of lanternfish ecology and evolution such as the geographic context of their extraordinary diversification, and their vulnerability to future climate change.

As part of DIAPOD, I will be developing models to help predict the future distribution of Arctic Calanus copepod species under multiple climate change scenarios.

For CHASE, my work will involve building a dynamic behavioural model of Calanus finmarchicus with the aim of understanding their optimal vertical migration strategy and how this behaviour may influence poleward range shifts.

CHASE is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and by NERC.