Rachel Coppock

Affiliated PhD student, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)

Project: Microplastics in the marine environment: From top to bottom

Supervisors: Dr Pennie Lindeque (PML), Dr Ana Quierós (PML), Dr Matt Cole (PML) & Prof. Tamara Galloway (University of Exeter)

Rachel is a final year PhD student investigating microplastics in the marine environment, specifically the bentho-pelagic link of microplastic transport through the water column and subsequent burial in marine sediments.

Her role within the Changing Arctic Ocean project includes collection of marine benthic fauna during the 2018 ChAOS cruise in the Barents Sea to assess the impact of changing Arctic sea ice on Arctic benthic communities.   She also collected waterborne and sediment samples during the cruise to investigate the distribution, abundance and burial rates of microplastics in Arctic waters.

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