Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry (AMBIO) IX

24-27 June 2019 at University of East Anglia, UK

The Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry (AMBIO) group is a thriving Special Interest Group of the Challenger Society for Marine Science – dedicated to, and run by, its members.

AMBIO holds a biennial science meeting at rolling locations across the UK and welcomes up to 100 delegates over 3 days from home and abroad. The next science meeting, AMBIO IX, is being planned for 24-27 June 2019 at the University of East Anglia.  The meeting will celebrate the career of Prof Tim Jickells.

Attending the meeting are Silvana Birchenough (EISPAC project), Robyn Tuerena (ARISE project), Anna Belcher (DIAPOD project), Kate Hendry (ChAOS project), Sian Henley (ChAOS and Arctic PRIZE projects), Kirsty Crocket (Science coordinator).