Challenger Society 18th Biennial Conference

10-14 September 2018 at Newcastle University, UK

The Challenger Society for Marine Science is a learned society for marine scientists in the UK. The biennial conference of the Challenger Society attracts over 300 of the world’s leading marine scientists and showcases cutting-edge marine science and technologies.

In 2018, the conference will be held 10-14 September at Newcastle University. Several CAO investigators will be presenting at the Challenger Society Conference: Holly Jenkins (DIAPOD), Ina Lefering (Arctic PRIZE), and Geoff Abbott (ChAOS).

Posters at the Challenger Society Conference

Thurs 13 Sept: Judith Braun (Arctic PRIZE)“Seasonal nutrient supply and uptake in the Barents Sea under changing sea ice cover”

Talks at the Challenger Society Conference

10.00 am, Tues 11 Sept in “Fuel for ocean life” (Lecture Theatre 3): Kate Hendry (ChAOS) – “Glaciers, icebergs and silicon: Preliminary findings from the ICY-LAB research expedition to the continental shelf of SW Greenland”

2.15 pm, Tues 11 Sept in “On the sea shelf” (Lecture Theatre 2): Marie Porter (Arctic PRIZE) – Continuous glider occupation in the Barents Sea from the Polar Night into the Polar Day”

3.00 pm, Tues 11 Sept in “On the sea shelf” (Lecture Theatre 2): Sian Henley (Arctic PRIZE, ChAOS) – Macronutrient and carbon dynamics across the Antarctic Peninsula shelf during summer”

4.30 pm, Tues 11 Sept in “Oceans and Climate” (Lecture Theatre 1): Yevgeny Aksenov (APEAR)“Modelling ocean waves and sea ice and the Polar Oceans”

10.15 am, Wed 12 Sept in “On the sea shelf” (Lecture Theatre 2): Yuri Artioli (PETRA) – “Modelling the mipact of bottom trawling on shelf sea biogeochemistry and ecosystem”

4.25pm, Wed 12 Sept in “From physics to fish” (Lecture Theatre 2): Laura Hobbs (Arctic PRIZE) – “Application of a life-history model to investigate inter-annual variation in energetic trade-offs of Arctic copepods”

10.30 am, Thurs 13 Sept in “The marine extremes” (Lecture Theatre 3): Mark Stevenson (ChAOS) “Exploring the Composition of Macromolecular Organic Matter in Arctic Ocean Sediments along a Changing Sea Ice Gradient”

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