MASTS Annual Science Meeting 2019

2-4 October 2019 at Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow, UK

The Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) represents the marine science community in Scotland.

MASTS will hold its 9th Annual Science Meeting at the Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow, from 2 to 4 October. The 2019 ASM will examine the modern challenges that face our marine waters, and identify ways and means to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Several investigators from the CAO are attending, as well as a workshop run by Kim Last on Friday 4 November (details below).

Wednesday 2 October

11.15-13.15 MASTS Special Session on “Deep Sea”

Thursday 3 October

11.15-13.15 Special Session on “Multiple Stressors”
  • Sophie Smout (ARISE) “AgentSeal: movement of harbour seals: an individual-based modelling framework as a reliable management tool to study multiple stressors”
14.00-16.00 MASTS Special Session on “Technologies & Methods in Marine Science”
  • Lars Boehme (Arctic PRIZE) “Real-time data from inshore waters for ocean forecasting”
  • David McKee (Arctic PRIZE) “Development of a bio-optical model for the Barents Sea to quantitatively link glider and satellite observations”
14.00-16.00 Special Session on “Marine Biogeochemistry”
  • Fabian Grosse (PEANUTS and Arctic PRIZE) “Assessing the effects of WFD nutrient reductions on the North Sea eutrophication status using trans-boundary nutrient modelling”

Friday 4 October 2019

09.00-13.00 Workshop: Arctic marine science: current research and opportunities for engagement in the Russian Arctic

Organisers: Tatiana Iakovleva (UK Science & Innovation Network in Russia) and Dr Kim Last (SAMS)

The workshop will feature a delegation of Russian scientists from St Petersburg State University and the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences based in St Petersburg. The workshop will give an overview of recent and ongoing Arctic ecology and wider Arctic marine work by a line-up of speakers from across the UK and by St Petersburg participants. It will give UK-based researchers a unique opportunity to meet and hear directly from leading Russian scientists on their research projects and opportunities to connect. There will be a Q&A after each talk and discussion time in the final part of the workshop to explore potential avenues for future research engagement and cooperation.

St Petersburg State University and the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences are among Russia’s leading research and educational organisations in the field of Arctic marine science. St Petersburg State University has been involved in international research projects and programmes with a raft of partners, including the ‘Marine Night’ project with SAMS and Norwegian colleagues. The university operates Belomorskaya research station on the White Sea. In March 2019, St Petersburg State University hosted science visits by SAMS researchers and the NERC Arctic Office, organised by UK Science & Innovation Network in Russia (SIN Russia).

Outputs from this workshop will include:

  • Science talks from Arctic marine scientists in the UK and from St Petersburg State University and the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • A talk by SIN Russia Actic lead on the role of SIN and practical opportunities for engagement in Russia
  • Discussion involving speakers and participants