UK Arctic Science Conference

11-13 September 2019 at Loughborough University, UK

The three day UK Arctic Science Conference brings together UK Arctic scientists from all natural and social science disciplines to present and discuss recent findings.

Several investigators from the Changing Arctic Ocean are attending the conference and presenting updates on the science in their projects:

  • 4.40 pm on Thursday 12 September: Gaëlle Veyssière (Eco-Light) “The changing under-ice light field of the Arctic Ocean”
  • 11.20 am on Friday 13 September: Kate Hendry (ChAOS) “Silicon Isotopes in Arctic and sub-Arctic Glacial Meltwaters: the Role of the Subglacial Weathering in the Silicon Cycle”
  • Lewis Drysdale (PEANUTS) “What is driving changes in primary productivity along the Arctic Ocean shelf edge?”
  • Kirsty Crocket (Science Coordinator) “NERC Changing Arctic Ocean: Implications for marine biology and biogeochemistry”
  • Jennifer Freer (DIAPOD, CHASE) “Two models, one aim: predict the response of Arctic copepods to a changing 3D environment”
  • Jack Landy (Diatom-ARCTIC) “A consistent multi-decadal record of pan-Arctic sea ice surface roughness through the application of a numerical altimeter echo model to Envisat RA-2 and Cryosat-2 SIRAL”
  • Ben Lincoln (PEANUTS) “Primary productivity driven by escalating Arctic nutrient fluxes”
  • Louisa Norman (ARISE) “Setting the baseline for the Arctic isoscape: a first view of the stable N isotopes”
  • Tom Rippeth (PEANUTS) “Mixing driven by the tides in the Arctic Ocean”
  • Jamie Rodgers (Arctic PRIZE) “Will the Barents Sea mixing increase with the Atlantification?”